In Sickness and in Health…

Innocent, or considering a coup?

For the past two days, I’ve dragged myself into work, only to be sent home. I feel like someone is trying to knock down pins with a bowling ball in my brain and I may or may not be curled up under a plentitude of blankets in my robe and slippies right now. Unfortunate times have fallen upon the once palpable excitement in the Sauer-LeChase household.

Cute as he may be, I can assure you that my dog Vinnie can be one of the most annoying creatures ever to walk the face of this Earth. After trudging to my car in this barren winter wasteland this afternoon, shoveling the driveway while coughing all the way and slamming down my gas pedal in hopes that my car would inch forward enough not to be blocking the sidewalk, I found that our dear dog had broken into the kitchen and ravaged the trash. Needless to say, I was livid.

I collapsed onto the couch and pulled as many blankets as I could find over my head, hiding from the world and my dog’s attempts to get my attention. Within minutes, he seemed to recognize the wrongness of his ways. He cuddled up on the couch across from me, then curled himself into as little a ball as his big, furry body could make at the foot of my couch, nuzzling his head into my feet. This is loyalty, I thought, this is love.

When faced with less-than-ideal circumstances that have piled up on top of the normal annoyances of everyday life, even the best relationships can, at times, seem unbearable. It’s at that point when we have to appreciate and seek comfort in those little acts of kindness that people (and dogs) do for us. As I prepare to take this huge step (with the getting hitched and all), I’m vowing to be cognizant of the fact that no single act or experience defines a relationship or friendship, regardless of how frustrating it might be. Its the conglomeration of the highs and lows, coupled with the promise to always seek out the best in one another, that makes love, love.

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