Our Song

We knew Martin Sexton’s “Diggin’ Me” song would be our wedding song long before I knew what the world outside college would be like. We spent our first summer together in 2003, hanging out on Jim’s front porch and listening as his two friends serenaded us with songs for hours on end. The simple, down-to-earth acoustics were coupled with the heavenly bee-bopping voice of a downtrodden folk singer.

What’s that over there
Such a pretty pair
That’s us in the blue mirror
Such a vintage view
Posing here with you
I’m diggin’ me diggin’ you. Diggin’ me diggin’ you

There’s nothing profound or complex about Martin’s easy-going, jazzy jive but it captured the essence of puppy love for us.

Over the years, we’ve invented and re-invented the meaning behind the song. We went to see Martin in concert just after we had begun our quest to keep up a long-distance relationship, in the fall of 2003. Whenever Jimmy came to visit me at Skidmore, we would sing along in my tiny dorm room. He’d grab me and we’d start jigging and giggling. It was the kind of sappy love stuff that makes me smile, but was always a little too embarrassing to share. (I figure now is my only chance to be sappy, so bare with me.)

When I missed him, I’d play “Diggin’ Me” or other, more woeful songs from Martin like “Can’t Stop Thinkin’ About You,” especially after we took a seemingly final break between 2005 and 2007. Music is the best therapy for a broken heart.

Now that we’re finally grown up and are getting ready to get hitched, the song seems to have gained yet another layer of meaning. So, to end this as Martin would:

All of my life
I’ve been holding on
All of these years
I’ve been waiting
So patiently
All of this time
I’ve been holding out
For only you.


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4 thoughts on “Our Song

  1. Mikayla on said:

    You’re adorable. I’m loving all your love-filled posts!

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