Sharing the Experience

Created by tcart2010 on Etsy

One of my most favorite things about being engaged has been hearing stories from other couples while we’re in the process of creating the story of our experience. I don’t know that I ever realized how personalized weddings could be. I’m just taking my first steps towards planning in considering a season, color scheme and theme and I can already see our wedding going 100 different ways. Regardless of whether we’re able to afford a big wedding or a small one, Jim and I are both pretty set on keeping it low key and going for a vintage vibe. Something about flowers in jam jars as centerpieces and homemade wooden signs just gets us…or we get it, either way.

We’re far from finalizing anything, but I’m thoroughly enjoying ruminating in this time we have to cultivate a look, feel and experience for our wedding together together. (The fact that we haven’t dropped a dime yet or been forced to make any major decision doesn’t hurt either.) We’re learning about one another in new ways and shaping up to be a great brainstorming team (so far, *knock on wood*). While the laissez-faire approach won’t exactly cut it — a wedding isn’t going to make itself — I hope we can continue to let the process unfold pretty naturally, so it reflects the people that we are and the husband and wife we intend to be.

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